We recommend a regular schedule of facials every four weeks, as the turnover rate for human skin cell loss and regeneration is 21 to 28 days. All of Serenity’s facial offerings are appropriate and fully customized for men and women.

Botanical European Facial

A classic, deep cleansing facial featuring the Pevonia Botanica and Hylunia  lines of skin type-specific products.   Steam towels, a scalp massage, gentle extractions and a neck and shoulder massage round out this extremely relaxing and effective treatment.
90 min. $150

Manual Dermabrasion Facial

The inclusion of our manual dermabrasion treatment with our power repair facial. Instant deep hydration and repair made even more dramatic with the smoothness of the resurfacing.
90 min. $175

new-palm-leaf-iconEminence Organic Hungarian Facial

The Éminence tradition began in Hungary more than 50 years ago in a small village where family knowledge of using herbs, fruits and plants in natural remedies spanned generations. This unique awareness of medicinal plants was enhanced with skin care innovation to produce natural products that are true to both organic enthusiasts and results-oriented clients. Today the precious ingredients are still hand-picked and hand-mixed in small batches and are combined with thermal hot spring water to create products that contain potent healing and beautifying properties.

Each facial is customized for your skin, that day, with targeted and specific massage techniques paired delicious products and blended just for you.
90 min $175

Arctic Berry Radiance Peel Facial

The Arctic Berry Peel is incorporated into our Eminence Organic Hungarian Facial for incredible and immediate results!
90 min. $190

Photo Rejuvenation Facial

Two of our finest repair and recovery treatments come together for an age-defying facial. The best of our power repair series combines with a facial light treatment for immediate and long-lasting repair!
120 min. $200

new-palm-leaf-iconDiamond Tip Microdermabrasion Facial

This facial includes our amazing resurfacing Microdermabrasion treatment paired with an appropriate level peel for your skin type. Rough uneven textures, large pores, thick skin, lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation all respond to this facial with immediate visual results.
90 min. $200

Microcurrent Facial

Our dramatic pairing of the power repair facial and our Myotonology tone & lift session. We add the benefits of a super concentrated, super potent, freeze-dried ampule for an amazing transformation.
120 min. $200

Seasonal Eminence Facial

A perfect pick me up for your skin and an opportunity to experience each season’s ripe and limited time harvest from the Eminence Organic gardens! This facial includes steam, an abbreviated version of our advanced massage technique, three step lip and eye treatments, and our layered masks for unequaled results. Extractions are not included in this facial.
60 min. $125

Teen Facial

An introduction to proper home care and a complete and gentle cleansing, including extractions, give every teen the head start needed for a lifetime of promoting healthy, beautiful skin.  Perfect for our clients aged 20 and under.
60 min. $90

Manual Dermabrasion

This highly effective exfoliation uses the same crystals as microdermabrasion machines in a much gentler treatment. Includes a deep hydration soothing mask.
60 min $125

Arctic Berry Radiance Peel

This gentle but effective peel targets aging, hyperpigmentation, acne prone skin and is perfect for rosacea and sensitive skins. An exquisite blend of arctic berries, lingonberry seed oil and hibiscus seed extract target all skin concerns so you can discover smooth, even and luminous skin.
60 min $125

Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion

An amazing resurfacing treatment that will especially improve rough, uneven textures, large pores, thick skin, lines and wrinkles. Light extractions and a deep hydration mask complete your peel.
60 min $125

Photo Rejuvenation

Specific wavelengths of light are used on the skin to stimulate the healing response. Using visible red, amber and infrared wavelengths, inflammation is lessened, capillaries are strengthened and collagen is produced. There are no side effects or down time and the changes to the structure of the skin increase over time and with a series of treatments.
60 min $125

Microcurrent Non-Surgical Facelift

Using a comfortable microcurrent, the muscles and skin of the face are lifted and toned, like exercise in the gym. Your esthetician will also use the current to deeply penetrate tightening serums into the skin for instant results!
75 min $125

Microcurrent Eye Lift

We combine concentrated ampules with the Myotonology™ process to tone the skin and muscles just around your eyes.
30 min. Alone $60
With any facial $35

Enhance Your Treatment!

Xtreme Lash Eyelash Extensions

Click here to learn more about Xtreme Lash Eyelash Extensions.

This is your day to be gorgeous. Xtreme Eyelash Extensions give you longer, thicker and more beautiful looking lashes immediately. Each extension is applied individually to your natural lash giving you a gorgeous natural appearance.

  • Full Set $275
  • Two Week Relash $75
  • Three Week Relash $100