We recommend a regular schedule of facials every four weeks.  All of Serenity’s facial offerings are appropriate and fully customized for men and women.  We proudly use the Eminence Organic skin care line in all of our facial treatments.


*NEW    Pro Lift Treatment

Our Pro Lift Treatment uses 1 device to deliver 5 facial rejuvenation therapies at once; Micro Current to tone and lift muscles and skin, Radio Frequency to stimulate collagen and elastin production, LED light therapy to reduce redness, improve texture, diminish hyperpigmentation and treat acne, Electroporation and Mesoporation to deliver high potency active ingredients deep into the skin and lock them there. Immediate lifting will be seen as well as long term structural improvement to the facial muscles and skin. Each treatment builds upon the results of the previous treatments for continued benefits and improvements over time!  Recommended is an initial series of 6 treatments, once per week, for quicker results.

With any facial     15 min. $40

Treatment alone   30 min. $100


Eminence Organic Hungarian Facial

This facial is Serenity’s standard and includes everything you would experience during a classic European facial with the addition of a 3 step lip treatment, 3 step eye treatment, paprika stimulating treatment, advanced massage techniques for instant visual improvement, and a targeted Vita Skin peel.  Each facial is customized for your skin, that day.
90 min $175
  60 min $125


Manual Dermabrasion Facial

This is a classic European style facial with the advanced exfoliation of Micro Crystals. Appropriate for all levels of sensitivity that require a deeper exfoliation to minimize pores, sun damage, wrinkles and signs of aging.
With full facial    90 min. $175
Treatment alone    60 min. $125


Arctic Berry Radiance Peel Facial

The Arctic Berry Peel is incorporated into our Eminence Organic Hungarian Facial for incredible and immediate results!  This gentle but effective peel targets aging, hyperpigmentation, acne prone skin and is perfect for rosacea and sensitive skins. An exquisite blend of arctic berries, lingonberry seed oil and hibiscus seed extract target all skin concerns so you can discover smooth, even and luminous skin.
With full facial    90 min. $190
Peel alone   60 min. $125

Photo Rejuvenation Facial

Two of our finest repair and recovery treatments come together for an age-defying facial. The Eminence Organic Hungarian Facial combines with an LED facial light treatment for immediate and long-lasting repair and collagen growth. Specific wavelengths of light are used on the skin to stimulate the healing response. Using visible red, amber and infrared wavelengths, inflammation is lessened, capillaries are strengthened and collagen is produced. There are no side effects or down time and the changes to the structure of the skin increase over time and with a series of treatments.
With full facial    120 min. $200
Treatment alone    60 min. $125

Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion Facial

This facial includes our amazing resurfacing Microdermabrasion treatment paired with an appropriate level peel for your skin type. Rough uneven textures, large pores, thick skin, lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation all respond to this facial with immediate visual results.
With full facial    120 min. $200
Treatment alone  60 min. $125

Microcurrent Facial

Our dramatic pairing of structural changing ingredients and a Myotonology microcurrent tone & lift session. We add the benefits of a super concentrated, super potent, freeze-dried ampule for an amazing transformation.  This facial is a must before a special event!
With full facial    120 min. $200
Single Lift Treatment  75 min. $125

Microcurrent Eye Lift

30 min. Alone $60
With any facial. $35

Teen Facial

An introduction to proper home care and a complete and gentle cleansing, including extractions, give every teen the head start needed for a lifetime of promoting healthy, beautiful skin.  Perfect for our clients aged 20 and under.
60 min. $90