Manicures & Pedicures

We make sure your treatments are as safe as they are relaxing.

Between client treatments, all articles that come in contact with our guests are thoroughly sanitized with anti-bacterial soap and soaked in hospital grade disinfectant. Hard implements are then placed in an ultraviolet cabinet. This kills any bacteria, fungus or virus that may be present, including TB, HIV and staph. Whenever possible, we use disposable tools so our clients don’t have to share.


Gel Polish Manicures

We use LED light to cure your gel polish, not UV light, so you never need to worry that there is any damage to your skin while curing under the lamps.

Gel Polish Removal


Spa Manicure

Your nails are brightened in an aromatic soak, forearms and hands are massaged, and nails and cuticles are shaped and filed. Steam towels provide a deeper penetration for your moisturizer, while your nails and cuticles receive a conditioning treatment and are polished to perfection.
45 min. $22

Warm Paraffin Manicure

A deeply moisturizing treatment, our Spa Manicure is enhanced with a Paraffin mask. Your skin has never been so soft! The warm paraffin masks are individually prepared just for you in single use applications to avoid cross-contamination!
60 min. $40

Eminence Organic Hand Facial

60 min. $40

Freshen-Up Manicure

30 min. $15

Manicure Additions

French Polish – Add to any service. $5 


Welcome to our Serengeti Room, where our whisper-quiet, ultra-sanitary whirlpool pedicure chairs await you. The soothing lighting and decor allow you to slip away to the exotic, if only briefly.



One of our most popular seasonal services returns. Using delicious organic ingredients, we will delight your senses. Begin with a whipped creamy Milk & Honey whirlpool bath. Cinnamon spice pumpkin scrub will exfoliate your legs to baby softness while organic Yam & Pumpkin peel soften and remove dry skin and calluses. Pumpkin Latte Hydrating masque is layered under a warm Paraffin mask for incredible lasting moisture. A long massage, nail and cuticle work, and your choice of polish. And if you love the effect of these products on your skin, experience them in our Eminence facial or take them home to keep your face and body glowing all season long!

85 minutes…….$85

Fiji Island Pedicure

Using products from the Pure Fiji organic body product collection – this pedicure envelops your senses with coconut milk whirlpool soaks, sugar rubs, coconut cream exfoliations and some of the most incredible aromatics! Your spa therapist can help you with your selections.
55 min. $65

Spa Pedicure

Feet are soaked in a softening fresh ocean  whirlpool. A shea butter infused salt  scrub exfoliates the legs and feet, which are then massaged and covered with warm steam towels to help the moisture penetrate. Calluses are filed and softened, nails shaped and polished.
55 min. $55

Freshen-Up Pedicure

Want a change of color? Feet are soaked in a fresh ocean scent whirlpool. Cuticles and nails are touched up and a fresh polish is applied. Great for in-between your regular treatments.
25 min. $35

Tired Legs Massage

25 min. $45

Serenity Foot Rituals

Warm Stone Pedicure Ritual

The ultimate for relaxation! A softening soak with foaming salts is followed by a rich butter scrub for legs and feet. A full lower leg and foot massage is performed with smooth, warm river stones drenched in shea butter. Nails are shaped and polished.
85 min. $85

Paraffin Pedicure

A delicious milk and honey whirlpool soak begins your treatment, then your legs and feet are smoothed with a rich almond scrub exfoliation. A concentrated callus treatment softens rough soles. Rich almond cream skin conditioner is applied with a warm paraffin mask to help restore moisture to the skin, cuticles and nails.
85 min. $85

Hang Ten Maui Pedicure Ritual

Before you catch that wave, dip ten in a whirlpool filled with coconut milk and ocean salts for softening. A juicy pineapple infused sugar rub exofoliates your legs and feet to baby smooth softness. Rough, dry and thick skin is gently removed with a callus peel and we deeply moisturize with a warm coconut butter mask. Your feet will say Mahalo!!
85 min. $85

Pedicure Additions

French or Tropical French Polish – Add to any service. $5

Add a callus peel treatment to your pedicure for just $10 more.