Couples Massage: We can offer most of our massage styles in our couple’s suite. Just request this option at the time of booking and we can take care of creating a special experience for you and a friend or loved one to celebrate any occasion. Prices are à la carte based on massage choice.

Tranquility Massage

Basic relaxing massage soothes head to toe, relieving stress, muscle tension and soreness. Heavy or light pressure with your choice of essential oils, aroma blends or body butters.
60 min. $100
90 min. $140

Muscle Release Massage

A gentle blend of therapeutic techniques releases muscle spasms, chronic pain, congestion and posture issues. Soft tissue work is highly effective without soreness.
60 min. $110
90 min. $150

Herbal Remedy

A wonderful addition to our Tranquility or Muscle Release massages.  Increase the benefits of your massage by adding an Herbal heat pack and the blend of German Herbal oils for your specific needs. Your massage therapist can help you choose your blend at the time of your massage. Arnica for anti-inflammatory benefits and Devil’s Claw for back discomfort.

$15 add on

Itchy Back Relief

Add this to any massage service for dry, itchy winter skin on the hard to reach back area! This bonus treatment includes a thorough but gentle scrub for the back, steam towels and a deep moisture mask selection from our Pure Fiji collection. Winter skin never had it so good!

15 minutes…..$25

Back In Touch

A specialty massage that focuses just on the back, neck and shoulders. In addition to Swedish and Therapeutic techniques, your therapist will use warm stones to relieve stubborn knots.
30 min. $55

Foot Reflexology

A specialized foot massage which uses direct pressure techniques to stimulate reflex areas, which correspond to all body areas and organs. An extremely relaxing treatment, reflexology is excellent for preventative maintenance and for stimulating the body’s ability to heal itself.
30 min. $65
60 min. $100


Shirodhara & Ayurvedic Massage

We begin this treatment with a Dosha or body typing consultation while you relax with an Ojas foot soak. We then move you to the massage table where a scalp massage prepares you for treatment. Next, indulge in Serenity’s own version of Shirodhara, using warm dosha specific aromatic waters instead of heavy oils. The stream of water flows gently across the forehead into the hairline to bring you into a deep state of relaxation similar to meditation. We follow this with a full body massage, tailored to your dosha type, to balance all energy points and muscles.
120 min. $220

Bamboo Fusion Massage

Beautifully crafted solid pieces of bamboo are warmed and used to deliver the gentlest to the deepest pressure. Thai, Swedish and Deep Tissue techniques are incorporated in this massage. The rounded, smooth edges of the bamboo pieces fit perfectly with the contours of the body, allowing your therapist to give you a very fluid and relaxing massage, as well as deliver deep focused pressure in areas of tension and knots.
90 min. $165



Truly transformational body work that begins with measuring the energy of each of the seven chakras. We then use Reiki and organic essential oil blends, crafted by a master aromatherapist, to balance the body. Gemstones are added to this relaxing full body massage to further work with the chakras on an energetic level. Expect subtle shifts with great results!
90 min. $165

Exploring the North and South Poles

The inspiration for this treatment came from our clients. So many of you love to have either your feet rubbed or your head and scalp massaged. We put them together here! Two massage therapists will work together at the same time, one giving you the best head, scalp, neck and shoulder massage you’ve ever had while the other works out every kink and ache in your feet and lower legs. Too good to pass up. We use warm stones, aromatherapy oils and reflexology to make your experience even better!
60 min. $200

Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage

The ultimate experience for those who seek total relaxation! Your therapist’s fingers, hands and forearms dance across your body in long, firm strokes. Every muscle is kneaded, and often areas overlap to be massaged more than once. The Big Island experience is enhanced with your choice of coconut or pineapple scented pure coconut oil.
60 min. $125
90 min. $165

Fiji Islands Hot Stone Massage

A deep massage that leaves you relaxed, not sore! We drench your skin with Pure Fiji coconut body butters in your choice of tropical scents, to moisturize and condition. Then smooth, heated basalt stones are placed at strategic locations on your body. Their penetrating heat releases deep muscle tension and promotes good circulation. We then gently massage muscles and joints until all tension is gone.
90 min. $165

Pregnancy Massage

For expecting moms, done in a seated position or with our pregnancy pillow, which allows you to relax safely and comfortably on your belly. Herbal and essential oil blends are not recommended for our pregnant clients. Please obtain your obstetrician’s approval before booking.
60 min. $100

Raindrop Therapy

A specific combination of essential oil blends are “raindropped” down the spine and lightly worked into the skin. The purity of these oils creates a healing effect on your physical, emotional and mental states. Warm steam towels are used to help the oils penetrate for further relaxation.
30 min. Alone $60
With any other massage $40

Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy

Ashiatsu is the deepest, most luxurious massage on the planet! Long smoothing strokes and deep compression strokes are applied by the massage therapist’s feet. Your therapist uses overhead bars to balance and apply just the right amount of pressure for you. Extend your massage to 90 minutes and get even deeper relaxation with the addition of hot stones in your massage!
60 min. $110
90 min. $170

Sinus Soother

A warm stone facial massage, gingko eye treatment, scalp and sinus pressure point massage relieves headaches, sinus pain and puffy eyes. An effective, non-medical solution for allergy sufferers.
60 min. $75


Smart Additions

Body Scrub – Add a 60-minute body scrub to any 60-minute or longer massage for just $95.

Roman Steam Room or Finnish Dry Sauna – You’re welcome to enjoy a complimentary steam in our Roman Steam Room, or a sweat in our Finnish Dry Sauna before any other service. Simply let us know when you book your appointment so we can reserve a half-hour slot for you in either of these warm therapy areas.